WorkforceHUB has a wide range of capabilities for Employees and Managers, all presented through a unified portal. Take a tour of WorkforceHUB and see the experience for yourself!

Employee and Manager Perspectives:

1. See what employees see when they enter the portal.

2. Check out the manager experience from a high level.

Employee Close Up

See how employees can quickly use WorkforceHUB
for everyday tasks.

Clock In/Out

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View Schedule

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Request Time Off

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Check Pay Stubs

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05. Access The Company Directory

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Update Your Profile

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Employee Document Review

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10. Download the WorkforceHUB Mobile App

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Manager Close Up

Videos on how managers can post messages, create workflows, track read compliance and more with WorkforceHUB.

Create Custom Workflows

See how a workflow is created by a manager and followed by employees.

1. Manager creates a workflow to distribute a handbook and require employee review

2. Employee reviews a posted document

Upload Document with Read Receipt

See how a manager uploads a document and requires employee review with read receipt.

1. Manager uploads a document for employee review

2. Employee follows a workflow to review provide a read receipt

Update Employee Profile

See how an employee makes changes that a manager can review and approve.

1. Employee updates their profile.

2. Manager reviews and approves an employee profile change.

Long Play Version

All videos combined in one demo sequence