Employee Portal & Mobile App

One consistent experience across all devices

Common Functions – Punch clock, timecard, schedule and time-off requests look and feel the same

Intuitive Design – Employees easily find what they need with no training required

Multiple Devices – Smartphones, laptops, desktops and intelligent hardware clocks all provide the same clock experience



Employees can submit time off requests, view PTO balances, see schedules, update their profile and more without assistance from supervisors, accounting or HR

Zero Training

Timekeeping tasks are intuitive and easy

Accurate Time Data

Intelligent clock prompts eliminate double punching, improve meal & break compliance, and simplify job code selection

Streamlined Review

Employees can review and approve their own time cards

TimeWorksPlus Employee. Mobile App

Designed for Future Needs

Expandable – Modular design makes the TimeWorksPlus Portal and Mobile App nimble, with new timekeeping, scheduling and HR services simply enabled and then visible

Role Support – Coming releases will enable supervisors and managers to use the same portal and mobile app as employees, with visible features matching user role

More HR Services – Access to payroll and employee data, HR workflows and processes, company services like notices, directories, and secure document storage, plus access to HR applications and services from other vendors will all be available through the portal and mobile apps

Mobile App for iOS and Android

Let Employees view and manage timekeeping right from their mobile devices
Mobile features include:

• Punch awareness via intelligent clock (early/late punches, meals and breaks)

• Simple view of upcoming schedule and time-off requests

• Push alerts for new/updated schedules and time-off approval/denial

• Selectable job codes for accurate costing

• Improved GPS accuracy to verify employees are where they should be

• Timecard review and correction

• One user experience across many different devices (hardware clocks)

New TimeWorksPlus Experience
Unified employee portal and iOS/Android mobile apps
01. Clock in/out
Click to view
02. Time-off Requests
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03. Meals and Breaks
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04. Timecard edit
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05. Timecard Approve
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06. Mobile App
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NEW! TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal and App

SwipeClock is replacing the TimeWorksPlus Employee Self-Service (ESS) page with a new Employee Portal. Watch a walkthrough of this new employee experience that will also carry over to TimeWorksPlus Employee — our new employee mobile app.