Technical & Product Training

SwipeClock’s Online Learning Resource (SOLR) provides our partners with the information they need to support their clients.¬†Click below to log in to SOLR. If you are a partner that would like access, please contact your SwipeClock Channel Development Manager.

Self-Serve Campaign Tool Training and How-to Guides

Use the documents below for help launching your first campaign or event with our free self-serve campaign tool.


How to Add Contact List

How to Launch a Campaign

How to Launch an Event

Marketing & Sales Training Videos

Check out the list below of SwipeClock webinars and videos related to marketing and sales.

TimeWorksTouch – Overview

90 second overview of TimeWorksTouch clock with images, screenshots and description of features.

Introducing TimeSimplicity

4:30 minute demo of TimeSimplicity with features and benefits Animations with product screenshots.

Introduction to TimeWorks Mobile

2:30 minute overview of remote/mobile timekeeping using mobile app includes screenshots and use workflows.

TimeWorksPlus – Ease of Use

4 minute overview of TimeWorksPlus showing common uses, basic features, screenshots and general benefits.

Workforce Management Clock Webinar

Recorded webinar on workforce management solutions possible with intelligent clock features and cloud based timekeeping service (40 minutes)

Selling Season Webinar

Webinar outlining new products, content, tools and services available for partners.

SwipeClock Campaign Manager Training

In depth with Averetek’s Ana Collins on how to customize and execute email campaigns using the Averetek Campaign Manager (48 minutes)

Webinar –
Inbound Marketing

Partner Spotlight – CJ Maurer from Complete Payroll describes how they increased business by over 60% in 6 months using the best inbound marketing practices to drive traffic and generate leads.

TimeWorksTouch – Use Case (Animated)

2 minutes animated video on benefits of timekeepings and TimeWorksTouch clock for payroll managers, supervisors and employees.

TimeWorksPlus – Why Use Automated Timekeeping (No Demo)

3 minutes overview of the benefits of automated timekeeping for compliance, efficiency, reduced labor costs and simplified processing.

TimeWorks Mobile Supervisor Features Overview

7 minute detailed overview of features available to supervisors in the TimeWorksPlus Mobile app.

Workforce Management Suite Demo – Restaurant & Hospitality

TimeSimplicity – Employee Schedule Viewer

Upgrading from TimeWorks to TimeWorkPlus

TimeSimplicity Scheduler Training

Create and assign shifts approve and manage shift drops/requests view coverage at different locations and view-approve employee hours.

Holiday creation and Management

TimeWorksTouch Setup

TimeWorksTouch Print Enrollment

TimeWorksPlus Client Training

Introduction to Scripting Webinar

Introduction to Scripting Webinar

Live Scripting Workshop: Part 1

Intro & Scripting Syntax

Live Scripting Workshop: Part 2

Keywords & Examples

Live Scripting Workshop: Part 3

Differences Between TimeWorks & TimeWorksPlus

Live Scripting Workshop: Part 4