A Natural Fit!

“As a long-time integration partner, we are excited to acquire Shugo,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “We have tremendous overlap with Shugo’s sales channel, a shared customer base, and solutions that are already integrated; the acquisition is a natural fit for both companies. We can now assist our large partner base and their clients to better manage their labor forces with unified access to timekeeping, scheduling and workforce management tools and services.”

“Shugo’s mission has been to provide employees with a customizable employee portal for all things payroll and HR related, no matter the back-end payroll platform. As part of this mission, we built HUB to provide a simple and easy to use employee portal which includes a number of third party integrations with SwipeClock being the most popular thus far,” said Rick Hymanson, Shugo Founder. “By joining SwipeClock with their channel, support and development resources we will be able to provide the additional features and support needed to augment channel partner solutions while providing small to mid-sized businesses with the workforce management tools they need for success.”



  • Premier Timekeeping
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Workforce Management
  • Premium Support & Services


  • Intuitive Employee Portal
  • Payroll & Tax Info
  • Onboarding and Agreements
  • Company Directory and Alerts
  • Tasks and Workflows

On January 9, SwipeClock announced the purchase of Shugo, a provider of innovative SaaS-based workforce management products and services for small/medium businesses. Shugo and SwipeClock have been long-time integration partners with SwipeClock’s timekeeping services available through the Shugo HUB, an employee dashboard for payroll and HR information. SwipeClock/Shugo Press Release

The following are answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Why did SwipeClock purchase Shugo?

A: Shugo products will allow SwipeClock to broaden its workforce management offerings and provide partners and clients with additional features that make managing workforces easier and more cost effective. The result will be new, feature-rich, integrated products from a single vendor that simplify workforce management, deliver labor savings and increase employee satisfaction. Partners can deliver more services with valuable features at reasonable prices with the result of longer lifetime and higher client retention.

Q: Why did SwipeClock select Shugo?

A: Our strategic plan is to provide more workforce-related services for SMBs.  Shugo focused on providing an attractive employee and manager portal, integrating with payroll software products and building a distribution channel using payroll service bureaus. As a result, our channels are closely aligned with significant overlap.

Shugo products add a new dimension to timekeeping and payroll, with a unifying user interface and a collection of valuable services that employers and employees want and use.  Their portal is popular with many of our common partners. With Shugo, SwipeClock is now able to offer a complete Workforce Management solution to our partners with the addition of employee and manager dashboards, access to pay stubs and tax info, messaging and alerts, tasks, onboarding, and other HR information.

Q: Will this mean a name change for SwipeClock or rebranding?

A: The SwipeClock name will remain the parent brand. Watch for additional SwipeClock products and product names in the future.

Q: What are Shugo’s main products?

A: HUB is Shugo’s most popular product. It is an employee self-service portal allowing employees to clock in/out (using SwipeClock), view pay stubs and W2s, request time off, share documents, execute workflows and update payroll information (W4, direct deposit and addresses) and have access to HR information such as company directory and employment/benefit documents.

Q: What services and information are accessible using the HUB dashboard?

A: Employee Portal

  • Single Login
  • Embedded Time Clock
  • Timesheet review
  • Schedule and activities
  • PTO requests and balances
  • Company message board
  • Employee directory
  • Secure document sharing
  • Access to paystubs, W2/1099/1095 and more

HR & Management Tools

  • Staff alerts & communications
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Employee profile management
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Document distribution and electronic signatures
  • Benefit tracking & enrollment
  • Employee Reviews
  • Tasks/Workflows/Surveys

Q: When will an integrated SwipeClock/Shugo product be available?

A: SwipeClock and Shugo are already integrated on select payroll platforms. Other platforms and additional products will be available in the next few months. For more detail on the current integration, see our web page for Shugo integration (

Q: What payroll systems does Shugo already integrate with?

A: The following payroll systems currently integrate with Shugo HUB.

  • Execupay
  • Evolution
  • MPAY
  • Cyberpay (Adaptasoft)

– Payroll systems are the employee “system of record” for HUB—a stand-alone version of HUB is not yet available. SwipeClock will be integrating with other payroll systems and solutions to make HUB available to a broader audience.

Q: If I’m already a Shugo channel partner, where do I go for Support?

A: Existing Shugo installation support questions should be directed to the Shugo Support Center. All support will be transitioned to the SwipeClock team in the future.

Q: Will my license fees to Shugo change now that SwipeClock has acquired Shugo?

A: All current contracts will remain in effect. Your Shugo or SwipeClock account manager can work with you to answer any questions. No fee increases are anticipated.

Q: What if I have clients that would like to deploy both Shugo and SwipeClock products immediately?

A: Please contact your SwipeClock Channel Development Manager. They will be able to make arrangements for an integrated solution directly from SwipeClock.