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New Products

01. TimeWorksPlus Portal & App
02. WorkforceHUB
03. TimeWorksTUFF
04. HUB Connect

Marketing & Sales

01. Collateral
02. Email Campaigns
03. Web Content
04. Solution Selling


01. Partner Revenue Calculator
02. Workforce Management ROI Calculator

New Products
NEW! TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal and Mobile App

One consistent experience across all devices

Common Functions – Punch clock, timecard, schedule and time-off requests look and feel the same

Intuitive Design – Employees easily find what they need with no training required

Multiple Devices – Smartphones, laptops, desktops and intelligent hardware clocks all provide the same clock experience


Unified payroll, timekeeping, scheduling, HR and engagement portal for efficient labor management in small to mid-sized businesses. 

WorkforceHUB is a one-stop source for payroll and HR-related information. Employees get the information they need through a single portal, saving time and reducing errors or miscommunication.

WorkforceHUB includes access to core payroll records, core HR workflows, employee engagement tools, and easy connection to third party apps.  TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity come included with full timekeeping and scheduling capability.  Employees access the portal via smartphone apps, tablets or other web-connected devices.


TimeWorksTUFF includes all the features of TimeWorksTouch in an industrial-style case geared for sites that are not your typical clean and protected offices. Get the same great punch features backed by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service but in a dust/shock/water-resistant shell.

HUB Connect

The SwipeClock initiative to unify data and user experience across employees, timekeeping, payroll and HR applications.

HUB Connect provides a single set of APIs with a consistent entity model for third party integrations that feed all WorkforceHUB products. Leverage SDKs, embeddable components, quick start guides and a library of existing Connectors to create new solutions and enhance existing services.

Sales & Marketing

01. Collateral

Easily find any collateral for reuse including spec sheets, brochure, videos, e-books and more.

All of SwipeClock’s marketing content, in one place.

New WorkforceHUB Case Study

02. Email Campaigns

Case Study WorkforceHUB proves a success for small team managing diverse workforce
New TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal
New TimeWorksPlus Employee Mobile App

03. Web Content

New TimeWorksPlus Portal / TimeWorks Employee
NEW! TimeWorksTUFF
Branded Website Pages
Solution Selling

A new resource page with Prospect Discovery Questions, a Solution Selling Checklist, and feature/benefits for products released just this year.


Two calculators—one for partners to estimate revenue, and one for clients to calculate labor and administration savings with workforce management products.

Partner Revenue Calculator

Workforce Management Savings Calculator