Workforce Management

Unified Timekeeping, Scheduling, Payroll, HR,
Applicant Tracking and Engagement Portal.
WorkforceHUB is a one-stop source for time and attendance, scheduling, payroll and HR-related information. Employees get the information they need through a single portal on any device saving time and reducing errors or miscommunication.

The Power of Unity

WorkforceHUB automates the entire employee life cycle – from top candidate to fully engaged employee.

Our integrated solutions gather and collect data from each step of the employee journey-
simplifying your workflow, automating tasks, streamlining processes, improving productivity, and shaping YOUR employees journey.

Product Features



Captures time data from clocks, calculate multiple rates, accruals, and keeps audit trail


Easy setup for any shift, coverage view, templates, early warning and clock-lockout

Overtime Management

Auto-apply overtime or proactively alert as thresholds approach. Flexible calculations and application

Payroll Integration

Easy time card review and approval. Connects time data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion

Easily manage your workforce for less.

One-Stop HR Resource

Fewer Errors

Intelligent clocks auto-calculate eliminating duplicate or missed punches, and errors computing total hours and pay

Less Unplanned Overtime

Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time

Flexible Configuration

Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options

Clock Lockout

Limit early clock in, scheduling warns when overtime approaches, managers easily view time cards in real time

Faster Payroll Processing

Fewer errors, instant access for time card review and export to payroll reduces time spent processing payroll

Subscription Service

One service provides you with everything needed for interactive and automated workforce management

The Power of Unity

Dramatically improve administrative productivity by improving the efficiency of time sheet processing. With TimeWorksPlus, quickly prepare your staff’s time sheets for payroll. Approve and lock in staff hours, then export or transfer for simplified payroll processing.

TimeWorksPlus is integrated with all major payroll services with options for single-signon, employee synchronization and auto-transfer with support for hundreds of import/export formats. For a complete list of integration partners and supported options see our Integration Partners page.