Time and Attendance

Time and attendance tracking that reduces labor costs and eliminates payroll errors.

Features & Benefits


Simplify Time Tracking

Simplify time tracking, spend less time processing payroll, ensure proper pay, control overtime, enable accurate job costing, enforce breaks, avoid buddy punching

Eliminate Unplanned Overtime

Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time

24/7 Access to Time Cards

Empower employees and remove the middleman with 24/7 access to time cards, pay stubs, and PTO balances

Go Mobile

Leverage mobile devices for easy clock access, automatic geolocation, schedule enforcement and time card review


Confirm that employees clock in/out where they should using geofencing and geolocation


Comply with labor laws by using intelligent clock functions to enforce breaks and restrict clock in/out to schedule

Hardware Clock Integration

Reduce labor costs by eliminating buddy punching and missed punches using any combination of PIN punch, RFID, biometric, web-based and app-based clocks

Integration to Payroll

Eliminate payroll errors by transmitting time data directly to payroll processing

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Human Resource Management System

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