Demo Options

for TimeWorksPlus Employee
When it comes to “demoing” the new TimeWorksPlus Employee app, especially via webinar or screen share to a large group, you have several options. Most of these revolve around “mirroring” what’s on your phone’s screen to either your computer or larger screen. There are many different apps and approaches to doing this. Below are some basic instructions on how to get started and begin presenting demos to your clients today.

Step 1:
Download TimeWorksPlus Employee on your phone for either iOS or Android

Step 3:
Select the application for a live demo that works best for you

Use our pre-built walkthrough (not an actual demo)

Our pre-built walkthrough is not an actual demo but a third-party application that allowes us to easily mirror TimeWorksPlus Employee online. It’s the most simple way to show off the app to your clients and prospective clients, and it’s free.

– Public link to walkthrough:

– Embed code for adding directly to web page or blog: <iframe src=’//′ width=’335′ height=’680′ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

Mobile App to a TV (same room viewing)

Apple TV: If you are using an Apple phone and have the appropriate Apple TV hardware this is an easy way to mirror what’s on your phone to a larger screen or your laptop. It does require Apple TV hardware which will increase cost.

– Price: $140 – $180


Amazon Firestick TV: Like Apple TV, the Firestick also requires some additional hardware but is much more affordable and more mobile. All you need is a working Wi-Fi connection and a TV or monitor that accepts an HDMI connector. Then you can mirror from your phone directly to Firestick with the addition of an app on your phone.

– Price: $30 – $50


Mobile App to Desktop (used for projector or web conference)

Quicktime (hardwired with lightening cord): QuickTime Player doesn’t just play videos — it also records/mirrors video and audio. And with OS X Yosemite, it can recognize the output of iOS devices connected to the Mac using USB.

iOS/Apple Instructions

Standalone Apps: There are several apps that can also help with mirroring your phone for demos hosted online. They range in price and quality but work in a pinch and here is one suggestion:

– Price: $11.99


Presenting on Mobile through Web/Video Conference

Video Conferencing/Webinar Apps: Many of us already host our online meetings and demos using the following video conferencing tools. Fortunately, they all offer some functionality for mirroring your iOS or Android mobile device.