The Averetek Platform
Connecting Our Ideas and Our Partners — Marketing Automation Software
Your brand, your image, your language – the platform becomes an extension of the work we do with our team and our channel partners. Simple workflows to help partners easily publish beautiful content and share it with the world. Be productive in minutes, not hours.
Sample Campaigns
Use Schedule Enforcement (clock lock-out) to Cut Labor Costs
This campaign highlights that schedule enforcement in TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity can significantly cut labor costs.  SwipeClock’s analytics of schedule users vs. non-schedule users show…
New! TimeWorksTouch Clock
Announcing TimeWorksTouch, a new touch-screen hardware clock with intelligent clock features and fingerprint reader.
7 Key Benefits of Automated Timekeeping
Help clients gain efficiency and insight through automated timekeeping & scheduling. Studies show there are great gains to be had through automation, including: Less unplanned overtime Improved…
Managing Labor Compliance with Automated Timekeeping & Scheduling
Staying compliant with local, state and federal labor laws is imperative for every business. Automated timekeeping and scheduling can dramatically improve your clients ability to respond to investigations…


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