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Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, HR Management, Time and Attendance, and Employee Scheduling.

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Account Manager Advocacy

You’ll have a dedicated account manager at SwipeClock to help you grow.

Technical Support

We’re here to help you with training and implementation to get the deal done.

Marketing Assistance

We have programs and collateral that make selling SwipeClock easy.


Hiring / Applicant Tracking

Hiring and applicant tracking that helps your clients find and hire the best candidate faster and with less effort.

Onboarding and HR

HR management that helps your clients organize the employee life cycle and effortlessly manage HR tasks to create a more engaged and productive workforce.


Time and Attendance

Time and attendance tracking that helps you reduce labor costs, eliminate payroll errors, and generate stronger client loyalty.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling that makes scheduling and shift planning faster and more efficient.