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Our top-rated solutions include hiring and applicant tracking, onboarding and HR management, time and attendance and employee scheduling. And Yes, they all work together.


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Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, HR Management, Time and Attendance, and Employee Scheduling.

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This is by far my favorite vendor to work with. They are constantly reaching out for feedback on how they can do better….followed by a timeline of when it will be implemented. They create their products so the reseller can be autonomous. Love them!

Gerard M. Hall

Reseller Partner, CBIZ

As a payroll service, our partnership with SwipeClock is one of our most valuable relationships. They are industry leaders and we trust them with our clients implicitly. Their software, service and personal touch are industry-leading. I recommend them for workforce management solutions.

Tyler Winn

BOSS Partner, Cirrus Payroll

I have used SwipeClock with our clients for 8 years! They have outstanding products and a staff that give outstanding customer service! They deserve 5 Gold Stars! You need to introduce these products to your clients!

Layne Spelber

Reseller Partner, Payroll Specialties, Inc.

Need more? Here Are Four Great Reasons…

Make Money The Way You Want To.


SwipeClock offers three unique partner programs to match your preferred business model. 

Which one is right for you? 

Our traditional reseller program allows you to resell SwipeClock solutions on your terms. We provide our products at wholesale pricing, and you find, service and invoice your own clients.

Our Back Office Sales Support (BOSS) referral program empowers you to keep the relationship with your clients and leave the sales and support to us. You refer your clients to SwipeClock. We sell and service the account and you do the billing. We’ll close the deal and you keep the client.  

The simplest way to become a SwipeClock Partner. All you need to do is provide a referral to SwipeClock. We work to close the sale and reward you with $300 cash when we do.

In all three cases, we provide sales and marketing resources that make it easy to introduce SwipeClock solutions to your prospects, clients and referrals.

Save a Lot of Time.

SwipeClock is integrated with more payroll systems than ever.

Integration saves your bureau time, eliminates errors and streamlines your payroll processing so you can be more profitable.

With integration you can save more than 15 minutes per client per pay period. It really adds up. Integration also eliminates errors, which can cost you at least 15 minutes each to track, fix and recover.

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Keep Clients Longer.


60% of your clients are looking for an HRMS solution with ATS. More than half of them indicate they want to solve this problem in the next 12 months.

Your clients need more than just payroll, and if they can get these solutions from you, they will. Clients don’t like to switch unless they have to.

When you provide at least one service in addition to payroll, your clients will stay an average of five years longer.

If you don’t provide the solutions they need, they’ll look to your competition for answers. 

SwipeClock can help you solve their needs and keep their business for five years longer.

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Increase Your Revenue.

Adding SwipeClock solutions to your service offering increases the revenue you earn from each client.

Our leading partners make an average of $7,400 per month above their payroll revenue.

The first step is to become a SwipeClock Partner.

Start right now and add new recurring revenue to your bottom line in as few as 30 days.


When you become a SwipeClock Partner you’ll gain access to resources that help you build your business.


Account Manager Advocacy

You’ll have a dedicated account manager at SwipeClock to help you grow.

Technical Support

We’re here to help you with training and implementation to get the deal done.

Marketing Assistance

We have programs and collateral that make selling SwipeClock easy.


SwipeClock integrated solutions automate the entire employee life cycle for your clients, from hiring to onboarding, HR management, time and attendance and employee scheduling.

Our solutions gather, collect, and share data during each step of the employee journey.

Simplify your workflow, automate tasks, streamline processes, improve productivity, and build your company on solutions that help you grow into the future.

Become a SwipeClock Partner today and offer your clients the best-of-class solutions they need.


WorkforceHUB is our integrated HRMS solution that simplifies HR challenges for small and medium-sized businesses.

WorkforceHUB includes everything your clients need to manage their workforce, all integrated with your payroll platform for a streamlined all-in-one solution.


Faster Applicant Hiring and Onboarding

Your clients quickly access a larger pool of qualified applicants with less effort— move through screening, selection, and onboarding in record time


Convenient HR Management

Alerts, messages, company directory, quick surveys, rewards, and an anonymous suggestion box allow employees and managers to access HR information from anywhere


Optimized Punch-to-Pay

The entire process from scheduling to clock-in to payroll and paystub access is optimized to save time and money for you and your clients


Easier Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is a major pain point for most businesses. Your clients will improve shift planning and employee scheduling while spending less time on planning or filling empty shifts.

Swift Payroll Processing

There is no paper, typing or manual calculations to slow down your payroll processing. Save time and eliminate errors while streamlining your operations and increasing profitability


Provable Compliance

A complete audit history can demonstrate compliance with rules and regulations, certification standards, hiring practices, pay requirements and internal processes

Create Description

Create and store templates for common job descriptions, use easy text editor to customize, add hiring manager, and set applicant workflow.

Post Job

Post jobs simultaneously to Indeed, Google for Jobs, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, niche sites and internal job boards without the hassle of managing logins and individual posting.

Get Applications

View all applicants directly in a central dashboard regardless of the source job boards. Applicant details display consistently, making it easy to compare and select for review.

Interview Candidates

Review top-rated applicants, select for interview, notify interviewers and candidate, enable collaborative scheduling, and assign questionnaire for easy interviewer feedback.

Screen Applicants

Automatically rate applications and resumes based on keywords, sort on rating, and knock out disqualified applicants. View results in dashboard.

Hire New Employee

View interviewer feedback in easy dashboard, select top candidate, check references, create an offer letter from template, extend offer requiring digital signature, hire new employee upon acceptance.

Efficient Hiring

Streamlined hiring from requisition to onboarding. Easily post jobs, track applicants, screen and interview candidates, check references and offer employment.

Connect to Payroll

Assign employee number, department and job. Link new hire to secure portal to add personal information, direct deposit details, federal and state tax forms.

Onboard New Hire

Go paperless. Step new hires through a standardized, digital onboarding process. Ensure that all forms are completed, employee details provided, benefits described, and connections made.

Select Benefits

Make it easy for new hires to review and enroll in benefit plans. Gather data for submission to benefits administrators. Keep the process paperless.

Connect to Company

Give employees portal access to company directory, events, rewards, instant feedback, suggestion box, and accolades. Build team spirit.

Connect to Career

Informed and engaged employees are usually happy employees. Make it easy for employees to request time off, adjust schedules, check pay, provide feedback, and advance.

Engage Employees

Give employees easy access to pay information, updates on company events, benefits enrollment, and more. Automate key HR workflows such as onboarding, document distribution, and performance reviews.

Access Time Data

Give employees 24/7 access to their time cards, pay stubs and PTO balances. Automate time off requests and management. Let employees self-serve.

Clock-in on the go

Let employees track time wherever they are, use GPS to verify location, show time card, upcoming schedule, time off, enforce early/late/break punch rules.

Meals & Breaks

Manage and track breaks, ensure compliance with state laws, restrict in/out punches to schedule, notify employees and managers, enable adjustment with audit trail.

Physical Clocks

Choose from a wide range of time clock with PIN punch, RFID or biometric readers. Eliminate missed and unmatched punches, track jobs, enforce early/late/break rules.

Payroll Export

Cut time spent processing payroll, improve productivity, quickly review and approve time cards, export or transfer to payroll. TimeWorksPlus connects to all major payroll services.


Simplify time tracking, spend less time processing payroll, ensure proper pay, control overtime, enable accurate job costing, enforce breaks, avoid buddy punching.

Visual Scheduler

Create and reuse schedule templates for date, time, location applied to multiple people, drag and drop people to time slots and make adjustments.

Shift Trading

Give employees the ability to initiate shift trades with manager approval, eligibility and drop rules, notify all parties, improve schedule adherence and efficiency.

Convenient Messaging

Automatically send email or text notifications and reminders to managers and employees when schedules change, shifts trade.

Schedule Rules

Check compliance with certification rules, associate certification expiration date with holder to ensure employees match role requirements.

Overtime Control

Set max hours per period, block or warn if exceeded during scheduling process, notify employee and manager if overtime approaches.

Schedule Workers

Create dynamic, multi-shift, multi-location schedules that support employee preferences, skills, and availability, plus allow shift trading and self-service.

Become a SwipeClock Partner today and offer our top-rated solutions to your clients. Save time, keep clients longer, and increase your revenue per client.