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Cloud-based time and attendance software with advanced features, flexible configuration and support for a wide range of hardware clocks and intelligent web-based software clocks.

Advanced scheduling software for organizations with dynamic, multi-shift labor forces like restaurants and assisted living facilities.

A unified employee portal with access to payroll, time, HR, and more in a single discounted offering. Includes TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity.

ApplicantStack Recruit and Onboard help you attract high-quality candidates. Make a fast, informed selections. Ramp up productivity. And keep new employees engaged and effective.

SwipeClock provides a full lineup of both software and hardware punch clocks including TimeWorksTouch, an interactive intelligent touch screen clock with fingerprint reader. Software clocks available for web pages, portals, custom applications and through mobile devices.

Introducing TimeWorksTouch

TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services.
Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give your clients powerful labor management and cost control tools.


Positively identify fingerprints to prevent buddy punching

Schedule Enforcement

Prevent out-of-schedule punches to reduce overtime and unscheduled labor costs

7-inch Color Touchscreen

Custom prompts for transfers and job costing


Wi-Fi enabled, battery backup, on-site registration, off-line mode


Accurately track meals and breaks for compliance

Wifi Enabled

Allows placement on manufacturing floors or in locations where network wires are not feasible

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Case Study: Total HR Solutions

Total HR Solutions has a loyal client base that spreads the word about their services. Clients span food services, manufacturing, retail, service, transportation and other industries. Relationships and value are core to their success.

Infographic: Hiring Your Next Perfect Employee

Your clients wear many hats, including hiring manager. Hiring an employee is one of their most critical functions. This nine-step infographic is here to help guide them through the process while explaining the benefits of applicant tracking.

SwipeClock Connects Top-Rated ApplicantStack with WorkforceHUB and TimeWorksPlus

SwipeClock today announced new connectivity between ApplicantStack and their WorkforceHUB and TimeWorksPlus products. This new connectivity adds seamless transfer of new employee information from the hiring process to onboarding and time tracking. Employers can take advantage of greater efficiency between hiring and managing new employees.